Monday, December 15, 2014

Porridge Admits to Mercenaries and Other News

Porridge Admits to Mercenaries and Other News

Its official, from the lips of Porridge and his goons, Western mercenaries are running loose in Ukraine and will be given citizenship.

What??? But...but...but we the Ukranazi regime have denied this for the past 10 months and have been backed by every half witted and worthless politician the West can muster from its gravy of mindless corruption and filth. How could this slip up occur?

It occurred as banely and absent mindedly as most of the decisions that come out of the prison of the human mind and soul that is the Ukrainian Rada (Parliament)...well at least those "original" thoughts that are not provided to them by Washington and its colonial governors sitting in Kiev.

In this case, it happened as Porridge was announcing the three new colonial masters given instant Ukrainian citizenship and ministries to run. See my previous post for more on this.

One of the field commanders come deputy (its much safer to fight the Novorossians from Kiev's Rada rather than a trench), declared to this "I have a thousand foreigners fighting in my battalion, what about them?" To that Porridge, just as mindlessly replied "Fine,we'll make them citizens too." All this in front of the journalists. Luckily the Western and Ukrainian journalists are the peak of their professional editing out any content unfit for the serfs.

And so, in one fell swoop, Ukraine has confirmed that it hired foreigners, that the NATO countries are already fighting WW3 vs Russia, using mercenary companies as their boots on the ground. Furthermore, this again underlines the illegality of the Porridge American dictatorship vs the shredded Ukrainian constitution. As this is an anti-terrorist operation, by declaration of Porridge himself, it quite specifies that no foreigners can take part in this. It further specifies that privately armed or privately raised volunteer organization can also NOT take part in an ATO.

The reason, of course, that Porridge can not call his attempted and failed genocide a civil war, is to do so would deny him additional IMF financial "aid" (read that as loans in exchange actual infrastructure and other assets, such as Ukraine's gold) that Porridge and his crew of corrupt oligarches can steal half of and spend the other half on genocide, while even his loyal subjects starve and freeze to death.

Again, the hypocrites in the West see nothing.

The Weather Says It All

Moscow has had yet another mild mild winter so far. Average daily temperatures are between +3 to -5C, with only a short cold front. Meanwhile Kiev's temperatures until this week were in the 0 to -8C day range, just now warming up to around Moscow's.

Heating is of course mostly off and so is electricity, as the coal has run out. Which does raise the question of why Russia is willing to sell these bastards coal. Poland of course refused, well refused to give its coal away, even though it has mountains of it not being used. It did offer its bastard child to pay for it with the funds that Porridge does not have (well he has them, they are just missing in his personal bank account). As for the South African coal deal, that is off.

After giving themselves a nice $10 kick back off of a $93/ton cost (market costs are $83/ton) the Porridge American puppets than stiffed SA on payment for the first shipments, which means: NO MORE COAL FOR YOU!

Ukrainian Heroes Strike in Sydney

To commemorate the coming of the Chocolate Messiah, Ukrainian-Australian "heroes" struck the Russian and Serbian sections of Sydney's cemetery, destroying 76 grave stones, many of White officers and cossacks. The local Cossack association is offering a large sum of money for the identity of these bastards. Retribution will be harsh, I am sure.

Christmas Trees for Novorossia

A new social movement and fund are taking packages, gifts and monetary donations to help the people and children of Novorossia. Several trucks of toys, gifts and Christmas trees are already prepared for delivery this week and the aim is for a half dozen more 20 toners to head to the Donbass before 31 Dec 2014. "Елка в Новороссию" and the fund of Pavel Astahov are collecting monies for LNR and DNR. It should be noted that Chechnya and Koluga are the two oblasts that have given the most.

Foreigners are also sending in, so all you supporters of the fight against the Globalist Hobgoblins, give and help these children. Send your gifts the Russian Children's Omnabondsman, Miysskoy Ploshad, d7 str1, Moscow, Russia.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Ukraine: From Vassal to Colony In One Easy Step

Ukraine: From Vassal to Colony In One Easy Step

Throughout the history of humanity, most nations or peoples became colonial possessions of another nation through open warfare and defeat. Ukraine is one of the very few exceptions: its warfare and defeat has been a civil war against its own but its real defeat is the sell out, yet again, by the same group of oligarchs, yet again. Due to the majority of the people of Ukraine beating their chests and bleating about their freedom, independence and so on while holding their heads down and being herded by the same masters for the past 23 years, Ukraine, the dead failed state of Europe (though there is a long line of candidates for 2nd place) has fully sold itself.

Never before has a nation sold itself so surely into bondage as Ukraine and its latest Oligarchial CIA puppet, Petroshenko...aka Porridge or Porky. The Candy King has shown himself to be the Washington Strumpet and the NATO Quisling. Even in Norway, for Hitler's pet Quisling to come to power, Germany had to actually conquer the country, that is, to actually fight. In Ukraine, Biden, the not so gray cardinal of Ukrainian real power, has gotten it without so much as a fart.

Yesterday, the first of three foreigners were granted instant citizenship and became heads of three ministries. That is correct, Soros owned people, were given instant citizenship, without giving up their US, Latvian and Georgian citizenships and pronounced top ministers in the government. Each with his or her own rich portfolio of corruption, of course.

The first is Natalie Jaresko, a US citizen, head of the Kiev based Horizon Capital Investments, will now run the Ministry of Finance. What is not mentioned is that she is also a former State Department official who will have control over the funds that the IMF, itself a puppet organization, will give Ukraine. She will also control the terms of those deals. In other words, she is the agent direct of the whole sale of Ukrainian property that is about to take place. I am sure her rewards will be staggering.

The second is Aivaras Abromavicius, a Lithuanian citizen, a former top executive at East Capital. He addressed the Rada stating: "I'm from Europe. We will work together European style." A so, staggering socialism, corruption with a good Public Relations machine to hide a "gentler" tyranny. He will head the Economics Ministry. Again, the money and assets are further confirmed into the hands of Western foreigners.

Lastly is the US educated Alexander Kvitashvili, who under Saakashvilli, with US monies "reformed" the Georgian medical system. He opened dozens of clinics and hospitals and only later did it come out that in many cases he was moving the same equipment from one opening to another, while funds for the rest of the equipment was disappearing. The present Georgian government has an open criminal case against him and others in his ministry. He is now head of the Public Health Ministry in Ukraine, ready to repeat his "successes". Oh, did I mention he studied under a Soros grant?

“The tender commission, based on illegal support from Pruidze affected the state by offering the preparation for a three-fold inflated price. This step damaged the State Budget by GEL 700 000 as a whole. Moreover, the commission neglected the GPC Company’s participation in the tender which was offering the medicine at a cheaper price,” General Prosecutor’s Office had stated. Pruidze, who denies the charges, served as Deputy Healthcare Minister from 2004 and was dismissed a few weeks before Alexander Kvitashvili’s resignation from the post of Healthcare Minister on August 31 this year. 

The question to the dupes and dummies of the National Guard SS divisions and Svaboda and Right Sector parties is: is this what you fought for and are being herded off to die for in the Donbass? We are all quite aware that the IQ of the average Nazi is about 80 and that of the average Ukrainian Nazi even lower...but even through your slopped forebrows and ossified minds, a light of reality, that you have been sold out absolutely, must surely be making its mark.That you are now expected to die and be gone from the US territory of Ukraine, does not bother you? That as a territory on the level of Peurto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands and other third world possessions, you do not even have the basic rights of the American sheeple, does not bother you? No wander the Poles, Austrians and Turks owned you for 500 years and only the Russians actually freed you.

On a side note, Porridge also granted instant citizenship to all those volunteers fighting in Ukraine against the Novorossians. Read that as legitimizing the Western mercenaries he has so denied employing. But why should the world even notice this.

My only remaining question is this: when will Merkel start anointing America's chosen to run the vassals "soon to be meat for the slaughter" colony of Germany? After all, in the up coming EU war on Russia, it is you Germans who will be the cannon fodder once again, a third attempt to exterminate the Germans.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Year On, What Has The EuroMaidan Accomplished

Last week, Ukraine, that is Malorussia and its occupied territories of Novorossia, Galicia, parts of Romania and parts of Poland, celebrated the one year anniversary of the start of the Euromaidan affair that led to the over throw of an elected government and the failed state mess that is modern Ukraine.

As Poroshenko (Porky) laid a wreath to the "Heavenly Sotnya", the hundred or so street thugs killed by sniper fire coming from buildings their own compatriots were holding, as an effort to spur them on to more viciously attack the government, the relatives of those dead booed and hissed at him. They have yet to get the monies that were promised them for the sacrifice of their children on the alter of National Socialist rebirth.

But the deeper question is: what were the goals of the EuroMaidan and what was actually accomplished?

The top goal of the "revolution" was to oust the oligarchs who had held power in an ever more decrepit and corrupt country, for the better part of the past 23 years. Nothing got done by itself without the approval or direct sponsorship of one oligarch or another. Ukraine was in a death lock and things can not improve when the overlords are rent collectors first and foremost and not patriots or investors. So it is understandable why people of all stripes, from liberals to Nazis rose up against Yanukovich and why the eastern provinces did little to support him, even if they did not directly protest him. Yanukovich, while not a vicious man, was a very corrupt man and he and those around him liked taking.

The problem of course, is that those behind the people's revolution were other oligarchs, those who had fallen out with Yanukovich and those who had been harvested by him. Even his allies who had done much of the taking quickly changed sides and since the club is relatively small, all was quickly forgiven.

So what, one year on, of the pro-European revolution have the results been? Are the oligarchs gone? Ousted? Imprisoned? At least relinquished of their political power? Not only NO but quite the opposite. Those few who were imprisoned or fled were replaced by either those who were released or by new ones feeding off of new sources of aid, this time from the West.

Simply look at the two main leaders: Yatsenuk and Poroshenko. These two pigs have fed from every trough that ever existed in Ukraine and backed every side to make sure that both have been in the government of every party of oligarchs who ever held power in that pathetic failed state of Ukraine. And that is exactly how Uncle Sham likes it: predictable, corrupt and totally controllable, as their monies are in American and British banks and where their monies are is where their souls are.

Secondly, the revolution was about entering Europe, that is the European Union. Of course the students who were screaming loudest about how Ukraine is sovereign and European and should be in the EU, already an oxymoron to sovereignty, did that out of hopes of visa free clean toilets and walk street corners in red light districts...that is, to displace the Poles and Romanians and Bulgarians and Latvians doing those fine first world jobs.

What is the outcome, one year on? Vague promises from Europe this or that...all of which is well out of the zone of reality for a failed state. For example: before Ukraine can take its next big step in the visa free road, it must replace all passports with bio-metrical passports and set up readers and checkers everywhere. This alone, the cost, is impossible for the bankrupt state to accomplish. But just in case it does, a second condition was added: control and be able to close all your borders, including those in rebelling Donbass.

In the meanwhile, Ukrainians' ability to travel in Europe has actually been curtailed. Poland, the prime port of entry, and a state that looks upon Ukrainians the way Americans look upon Mexicans: vassals to be "taught" and exploited, has now demanded much more stringent reporting standards on addresses and citizens with whom the Ukrainians will be staying and is following up with better checks. It is also much stricter at its borders, even as Polish nationalists have started beating Ukrainians in the border back for the 40s is coming.

Schengen visas are also much more difficult to get and the time allowed to stay in the EU has been curtailed down so that those pesky Ukrainians delusional enough to think that the EU wants them do not hold on to their delusions to long.

The third goal was economic integration: well while that death dream was signed it has been put on hold till 2016, presumably because by then 1. the Ukraine will collapse completely and EU concerns will have easier pickings of everything that has not been burnt down or bombed out...and if the Ukrainians murder each other off, well that is just more living room.

This leads us into the delusion of the revolution that it would raise the living standards by exporting to Europe and turning its back on Russia. Ukrainian goods are to inferior quality for Europe and their agricultural production is not wanted, especially with Russia's embargo on the EU creating a glut of EU produce and bankrupting EU farmers left and right. To add to this, the Ukrainians have managed, through sheer stupidity of epic proportions to destroy their best economic zones and get embargoed by Russia, the market of 60% of their production.

In doing this, they have run out of gas, which they pumped up from Crimea and lost the coal they got from Donbass. No electricity, no heating, no energy for those few factories still working. GDP contraction is projected by upbeat EU numbers of -7% and by more realistic numbers of 10-15%. The average Ukrainian is now 20% poorer then in 1991...this is progress. Ukrainians now pay 48% of their salaries on utilities, primarily gas and electricity. This is by far the highest rate in any white or asian country. Factories are closing out, food is running out. Kiev has no money to feed children in schools but it does have money, through the IMF (against its own policies) and the American tax slaves, to murder the children of Novorossia.

The revolutionaries imagined that they were about to create a "pure" and unified Ukrainian race. Besides the fact this was an idiotic idea by a people who were once Russian but now consider, thanks to 100 years of Austrian "help" a separate race, the fact that 40% of the country sought to dictate terms to the 60% is obviously idiotic and unrealistic. When they could not do it with words and small deeds, like banning the Russian language and calling to ban the Russian Orthodox Church, they instantly turned to guns. Crimea ran out of that arrangement almost instantly. The Donbass started to protest and after two months of being beaten, terrorized, murdered, they started shooting back.

So one year on, Ukraine's army is a dismal failure, with the soldiers as often shot by the SS brigades for not murdering civilians, as dying from the bullets of the Novorossians. While most of Novorossia is occupied territory, partisans groups are active everywhere and explosions and assassinations of Nazi field commanders and their soldiers is an almost every day occurrence.

Meanwhile, Galicia is all but lost. It has not only refused to go be cannon fodder and has not come to the three mobilizations but has started to yell quite loudly about returning, mostly to Hungary and partially to Slovakia. Poroshenko's guidance for the next mobilization is for his storm troopers to be extremely vicious to those refusing to die against the Novorossians. This will surely fan the embers of revolt into open flames. The same can be said for southern Odessa province, formerly Romanian, where Romania has also started making noises.

Finally, as a vulture watches a dying man: Poland has moved its army to the Ukrainian border, even as it pushes the Ukrainian nazis to blindly murder Russians and die in the process. The Poles are nothing if not conniving and have played the idiotic UkraNazis to a T. They know that once the next, third offensive collapses, Porridge will either run to a helicopter on the roof and to exile or have Mousallini moment. Either way, Ukraine as a nation is done, its central government will start murdering its self as everyone grabs power and Nazi groups armed to the teeth return to murder their masters. It is at this point that western Ukraine will again pass borders on to Poland and the Poles will murder off the grandchildren of those who murdered them in the 40s.

Nato, with four of its members directly involved in the dismemberment of Ukraine, wills stay silent, even as Russia absorbs the now independent Novorossia. After all, it will still get the rest of the rump Ukraine by backing whomever is left standing in the burning wreck that is soon to be Kiev.

Either way, the US will be able to manipulate the sheep of the Rump to hate Russians as they keep them in perpetual poverty ala the Palestinians. Such is the way of things, the games of the big countries and those smarter and more powerful than the fools of Kiev and the masses of zombies that follow them.

Ukraine's sovereignty was even more degraded, from puppet and vassal to would be direct corporate holding of America, when today Porridge gave a speech in the Rada, where he outlined his plans to amend the law and allow Ukraine to bring in foreigners into government service. Not only as soldiers, which is how NATO plans to stealth expand the war and allow its sons to die off without declaring war, while its military companies reap profits, but: to even bring foreigners into the main government ministrial roles....yes that is, foreign colonial masters will run ministries directly, not through puppets.

So one year one and Ukraine, now all but officially bankrupt, is quite on cue for its well planned that in twenty years will find these self righteous Zapadensti grovelling in the poverty of the third world as the fight each other for the chance to clean toilets in some Western brothel.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Poroshenko Declares Total War on Novorossia

Poroshenko Declares Total War on Novorossia

A monumental statement was made by Porky, last Friday. Such a statement made by any world leader, other then a blood soaked one like Porky who enjoys America's immunity from sanity, would have risen the out cry of the entire world. In this case the cry has been still born.

What did Porky state?

Amongst his speech declaring that he is cutting off pensions, subsidies and so on, to Donetsk and Lughansk, which should be expected as they are now independent nations and this just affirms it, Porky also made an astounding statement:  in the Donbass he will also annual all human rights and all treaties to that effect that he had signed.

So what does this mean: the Geneva Convention, the UN Human Rights treaties are no longer in effect as far as the Ukrainian leadership is concerned. So what ever, if there was any, control over the UkraNazi forces is gone....rape murder to your heart's content. Is it shocking that such a statement would come out of the radical hellhole that is now Kiev? No, not in the least. What is shocking is that the so called holy order of Human Rights, the radical defenders of the notion are showing themselves to be, yet again, cynical Satanists sitting in DC and London. The West, in its silence is yet again approving and aiding with money and weapons, mass murderer.

As in their faith in Christ, which is non-existent, so is their real faith in the Religion of Human Rights, also equally non existent. The Devil's minions know only evil and will continue to spread it. So goes the Empire of Chaos and its European slaves.

This morning, Porky issued another set of directives: what to do with captured enemy equipment, about POW camps and so on. He also ordered all remnants of the Ukranazi governments out of occupied Donbass. This is to create a free fire zone even in "liberated" zones in order to exterminate the Russian race.

Obviously, with the satellite images leaking out, of Ukrainian Mig shooting down the Malaysian boeing, from German industry heads rebelling against Washington's puppet Merkel, to Le Pen being the most popular politician in France: the Lucifieriens in DC are feeling their hold on Europe slipping. They are panicking. They need a war, they need a world war, they need their European slaves and sheep to die in the tens of millions and for Europe to burn, burn and burn. Only in that way can they save the petro-satanic dollar and preserve their hold over what is left of their slaves and take what is left of the slave property through another Marshel plan.

To that point, Porky has not just laid the ground work down for a war of genocide in the Donbass to pull Russia in to the Ukrainian mess but boasted in Germany that the Ukrainian army is ready for a general war with Russia. Of course it is not and would dissolve under the first real blows, but that is all NATO and its Sauronic masters in Mordor on the Potamic are waiting for.

Are the Europeans ready to murder their own children?

Friday, October 31, 2014

The Halloween of Ukraine

The Halloween of Ukraine

Tis the season, no not of the birth of Christ or Saint Nicolas and his toys, but of goblins, demons and devils, most still wearing their human skins. Here are some of the examples of those fine and outstanding anti-Christian European "values" from the UkraNazis.

Ahh...another Western insane asylum...all the inmates have been released.

The Race to Kiev

An interesting bit of news came to light recently: Poland is planning to re-position its military from a Western orientation to an eastern orientation. At first this seems quite same considering Poland's anti-Russian vitriol.

However when one looks a bit draper into what was written, the new disposition will not be around Kalinengrad or on the Belarus borders, instead they will deployed on the border with Ukraine.

In parallel, the Polish media has started playing up the Banderite aspect of the Ukrainians and reminding the Polish population of the 100-200.000 Poles who were exterminated by Bandera and his jackals.

Of the several incidents of last week one occurred where Ukrop university students in Poland, took photos of themselves with the Bandera black and red flag. Then these brainiacs posted this on the university website. In turn this has caused a wave of public anger and the students will be deported.

A second occurrence was in Kharkov, during a football match, where Polish ultras unfurled a banner
that stated: Lvov is Polish. Add to this skirmishes between Ukrainian and Polish nationalists in settlements along the border and one starts to understand what is coming down the rail line.

Now as per my hypothesis of what is coming down the pipeline these developments are just further confirmations:

Any day now but before the end of November, the UkraNazis will give it one last try, round three, a do or die rush for the goal of exterminating Novorossia.

The likely pretext will be Russia's recognition of the elections in Lughansk and Donetsk, scheduled for this weekend. The US and EU are already threatening Russia with additional sanctions.

Of course the problem with these sanctions is that Putin and Russians have long realized that they are mostly bark and a mild bite. More so the bite has proven staggering not for Russia but for the EU.

Further, outside of sanctions, the West has nothing, as they are not man enough to die for Ukraine, nor crazy enough, but Russians are ready to kill and die for Novorossia.
As for the Americans, for all their bravado, outside of revolutions, assassinations, terror air bombings, they are incapable to stand up to the Russian army and receive an Afghanistan's worth of casualties not over ten years but every day.

A full blown conventional war with Russia, regardless of the way it goes would kill off 2-3 million American soldiers at a minimum and another 6-12 million would be left as invalids, in other words, 5 times more than presently serving and would necessitate a full draft. This is something the soccer moms would never swallow and that many Mexican illegals are not willing to die for the gringos exploiting them.

As for barren Christ disposing Gayropa, such losses in irreplaceable youth would be the end of the EU civilization. (when your women have bigger balls than your men and refuse to lower themselves to the "slums" of child baring, what can one expect?) Indeed, the losses of 12-15 million European males, would allow the final take over of several Western countries by Islamics. Maybe that is for the best since most Gayropeans dispose themselves and their culture and worship the devil in their self loathing humanism.

As such, the UkraNazis have pulled up the last of their reserves plus all the new NATO toys they have received and are preparing a final push, the offensive will last 3-4 weeks. Manpower issues have not only not been solved but have turned much worse. Ukraine's best units are gone and its mercenaries and Islamic jihadists will only fight so far before cutting their reins and running.

At this point the counter offensive will carry through to Dnepropetrovsk and Kharkov. The US and EU will scream and put incredible pressure on Putin to stop the offensive, threatening even war.

If they do not go to war, than the race to Kiev will begin.

In short, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhia and Kharkov will be in open rebellion, while revolution and counter revolution rips Kiev into shreds. Galicia will be grabbed by Hungary and partially by Slovakia. Romania may try for a chunk of southern Odessa, which was once theirs.

Poland will deploy that army of its sitting on the Ukrainian border into Lvov, where it will set up a brutal protectorate. The aim of the Poles will be mass murder to drive the hated Ukropi east into Russia's sphere and make it Russia's headache, while the bloodthirsty Poles ethnically clease, with America's blessings and cover.

The real question becomes: who will reach and who will grab Kiev first: Russia or Poland. For the Nazis either way mass extermination.

For the Americans and British a collapse of control and policies in the east. For China a huge victory for the Eurasian movement. For Merkel, with a total collapse of her prestige, and the German economy, with over half a million new unemployed? It is a hard call, Germans do so love to be dominated by short ugly megalomaniacs. But ole Hollande is gone, gone no matter what to be replaced by Mary Le Pen and France's new pro Russian turn.

The next 4 months will be earth shattering, as the Poles have set up and are now going to take down the Ukrop fools masterfully.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Mercantilism Works, Thank You EU

Mercantilism Works, Thank You EU

The West has done another great deed for Russia, it has forced Russia, against the will of its fifth columnist oligarchs and bureaucrats and many traitorous senators onto the path of Mercantilism. More on this fifth column scum later, and how most deserve a wall and a on to the mercantilism.

I have written many times about Mercantilism, the only nationalistic economic form, the one that built all the great nations of the world and the one that is absolutely ignored in all economic classes and B schools. Both of which I know from personal experience and from speaking with countless others who had similar gaps in their education.

Mercantilism's first pillar is maximum utilization of your own resources and population. This does not mean a communist or fascist dictatorial economy. Internally a free market is a fine thing with competition...internally. What it does mean is that you need protective barriers to cut down on imports and thus produce everything that can be produced at home, buying, as per the second pillar, only raw resources and only if you need them and selling finished goods.

This worked with the auto industry in Russia, raising the number of automobile plants from 19 old ones, when stiff import duties were passed to 36 as of this year, including a few new home grown ones. So it was and is obvious that this is what is needed to take the Russian industrial production to the next great level.

However, knowing and doing are two very different things and with a bag full of foreigners, that is oligarchs, running large swatches of the economy, it would never materialize. Why are they foreigners? Because they do not give two cents of a damn about Russia or the Russian people. Because they consider themselves internationalists and are more than happy to run away from what ever they destroy in their wake. These are the same types of men who pushed out the Tsar and created chaos because they thought they could earn more, and then ran away from the wreck.

However, our enemies, the collective West, and enemies they are: have moved Russia down that path themselves. Thanks to sanctions, this has give the patriots in power circles incentives to push through localization. And guess what? It worked. In the months from Dec 2013 through July 2014, the industrial output graph was flat to negative, below the 50pt mark. Since

Industrial Production grew by 2.8% year on year in September - the fastest pace since 2012 as the domestic economy shows strong signs of recovery.
The most important segment which reflects overall business conditions is the manufacturing segment which registered a 3.6% gain for the month.

Retail Sales improved for a third consecutive month reaching the yearly rate of 1.7% beating consensus forecasts of 1.5%. The improving trend in Retail Sales is particularly important given how important Q4 is for the retail sector.